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About us

Imagiix is a place where you can get quality vector graphics created by 2 talented designers. We provide art that connects with people. You can choose services of Vector Portrait, Vector Caricature and Doodle Art. These images and illustrations are great for a birthday gift, for a wedding gift, for your social media, to hang on your wall or any project you desire.

This is a vector portrait drawn by an Imagiix artist, Purna Disanayake.
The official logo of Imagiix.
This is a couple vector portrait done by an Imagiix artist, Purna Disanayake.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people create their dream art and turn their ideas into creative and attractive designs. Imagiix is the fastest and easiest way to create your vector art professionally. We are committed to provide you with a valuable service at a low cost.
We are also some of the most advanced vector artists in the market. You can get high quality and creative art from us in a very short time for a suitable budget wherever you are.

Who Are We

Imagiix was founded by Tilushan Weerasinghe in Sri Lanka with the belief that Graphic Design is an effective source of Creativity and Art. It has been a spectacular journey since 2020. Imagiix offers a great service to it’s customers with our talented artists Sasith Indrajith and Purna Disanayake.
We work hard to deliver what we guarantee to our clients.

Our Team!

This is Tilushan Weerasinghe. He is the founder and CEO of Imagiix.

Tilushan Weerasinghee

Founder and CEO

This is Purna Disanayake. A vector portrait artist of Imagiix.

purna disanayake


This is Sasith Indrajith. A caricature artist of Imagiix.

sasith indrajith


This is Akhtar Jamaldeen. Quality Analyst of Imagiix.

Akhtar Jamaldeen

Quality Analyst

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